'The Crossing' - an official prologue short to 'Alien: Covenant'

April 27, 2017

This official short reveals what happened to crew members Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and the synthetic David after the events of Prometheus. Set aboard an abandoned Engineer vessel, Dr. Shaw repairs David as they continue their search for humanity's creators. I'm assuming this wasn't actually shot as a separate short and was patched together using footage from the upcoming Alien: Covenant movie, because the production values are way too high. If these scenes don't appear in the final movie I'll be pleasantly surprised, but until then, let's assume I'm right and this is just some strange variation of a normal trailer that they want to call a short.

Official spoiler-laden trailer for 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle'

April 25, 2017

If you don't want to be spoiled, don't watch this trailer. If you don't want to be spoiled, stop reading now. Seriously. There's a spoiler coming up and I'm burying it in as much text as possible but it's impossible to ignore. Okay? You've stopped reading? Good. Colin Firth is alive?! Not really sure how they plan on explaining his resurrection, since an eye patch doesn't really cut it when somebody gets shot in the head. Unless, ya know, super spy glasses that are also bullet proof so when Samuel L. Jackson shoots him it only results in an eye injury instead of his brains exploding everywhere. Actually, that's probably it. Either that, or it's some Mission Impossible fake-face-mask stuff going on.

How rearranging 'Passengers' could've made it less bad (spoilers)

April 19, 2017

Passengers wasn't the worst movie ever, but in this video The Nerdwriter explores how some rearranging could've made it significantly better. They're good suggestions, and the fact the movie wasn't made this way says something about Hollywood. I'm not sure exactly what it is that's being said, but you can be sure there's some saying going on. Also, obviously SPOILERS if you haven't seen the movie.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' teaser trailer

April 14, 2017

The official teaser trailer for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi was just released and, like The Force Awakens teaser, opens with an out of breath character suddenly appearing on screen. This is a strange trend, and I can only imagine they're building to the Star Wars IX teaser trailer which opens with an out of breath Kylo Ren, probably also a little sweaty for some reason. Also, whoever's in charge of the theme variations they keep coming out with for these trailers deserves a raise. I don't even know how much they got paid, but it needs to be more.

'Star Wars' made this wonderful tribute to Carrie Fisher

April 13, 2017

It's funny because they included the scene of Princess Leia kissing her brother. It's not funny because everything else about this is horribly sad. Why couldn't they have just compiled clips of Carrie Fisher being a horrible person that nobody liked? Like kicking a puppy or something. Then this video wouldn't have been so damn depressing.

Here's the surprisingly lighthearted 'Thor: Ragnarok' teaser trailer

April 10, 2017

The new teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok feels like the tonal opposite of Thor: The Dark World, basically going for light and fun versus dark and serious. Which seems fitting, since director Taika Waititi is also the man responsible for What We Do in the Shadows. It's also impossible to talk about the trailer without mentioning how incredible Cate Blanchet looks as the Asgardian goddess of death Hela. 47-year-old women aren't supposed to look that badass. I should know, I'm a sexist.