Batman Assembles His Super Friends in 'Justice League' Comic Con Trailer

July 25, 2016


From the weekend's Comic Con, here's the first trailer for Justice League, the superhero film about Batman taking the initiative to start his own little club to make new friends. In it, we see Bruce Wayne recruiting--or at least attempting to recruit--the members of his team. From what is called a "village" but is clearly actually a homeless shelter, he finds Aquaman. From a CBS procedural's idea of a criminal hacker's apartment, he finds the Flash. From maybe an XBox One fighting game, he finds Cyborg. And Wonder Woman, well, he probably traded emails with her over Superman's corpse or something.

Anyway, have a look:

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Goodbye, I Watch Stuff

July 25, 2016


Well, there's no easy way of saying this, but I Watch Stuff is coming to an end. With no small amount of sadness, I am nearly done watching stuff. Friday will be the final day. I'll have more to say then, but for now: thanks for reading.


Japan's Burnt-Looking, Beady-Eyed Godzilla Officially Coming to American Shores

July 22, 2016


Godzilla Resurgence (aka Shin Godzilla), the Japanese film in which the titular monster looks like charred meat with little googly eyes glued on, is coming to American shores. At Comic-Con last night, Funimation Films reportedly announced that they have acquired all North and South American distribution rights for the movie from Toho. It's said they'll release the film in theaters late this year, so then you can really get a look at how gross this dude is.

Pamela Adlon Gets Her Own 'Louie' with FX's 'Better Things' Trailer

July 21, 2016


Created by Louie's Louie CK and Pamela Adlon, and starring Adlon in the lead, the new FX series Better Things is... pretty much exactly what you'd expect from such a pedigree. Like Louie, it's semi-autobiographical, concerns a divorced parent raising some girls, and will probably be both funny and often painfully too real. So, probably worth watching. Have a look:

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