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Meg Ryan Becomes Television's New Bob Saget


Without even the qualifications of having laid funny voices over home videos, Meg Ryan has assumed Bob Saget's role in sitcom voice-over work. She'll reportedly play the elder mother's narration in How I Met Your Dad, CBS's How I Met Your Mother spiritual successor that for some reason Greta Gerwig has agreed to star in. As with Saget, the plan is for Ryan to never been seen. But maybe now the main character will end up with her close friend after marrying and divorcing Dennis Quaid?

First Look at 'Jurassic World' Scant on Awesome T-Rexes


From Entertainment Weekly, here are the first photos from the set of Jurassic World. Dinosaurs have yet to be computer-made, but what you can see here is a truck, a chair, and Bryce Dallas Howard. It's like you're in Ron Howard's garage.

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'The Trip to Italy' Trailer: Eating, Aging, Death, and Mocking Jude Law


The Trip to Italy already gave away its new stock of Michael Caine voices, but there's more to Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon latest holiday abroad than just that. Here's a reminder of what else in store with a full trailer for Michael Winterbottom's sequel. In short, it's more eating, more fear of aging, more fear of death, and, naturally, more interspersed impressions. Plus: romance! Or at least the possibility for it. They'll deal with it as it happens:

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Live-Action Barbie Movie To Make the Dreamhouse a Reality


Perhaps finally granting motion to unrealistic body image, Sony Pictures has closed a deal with Mattel to make a movie based on Barbie. According to Deadline, the film is being developed as a live-action comedy, as Barbie has really always been about the laughs. For the film, those will come from what at least a marginal self-awareness of the character: Barbie's various and sundry careers will be acknowledged, and she'll use that experience to help others--"almost like a modern-day Mary Poppins."

The script is being written by Jenny Bicks, who last wrote Rio 2 but previously wrote for the fashion-obsessed on Sex and the City. Like with the Jem movie, producers are looking to cast unknowns in the roles of the disproportionate dolls. Notify the Russian living Barbie and any smooth and hairless eunuchs.

Amazon Makes Streaming Deal with HBO, AOL Makes Same with Miramax, You Will Not Be Blown Away by Either


Amazon and AOL have made respective deals with HBO and Miramax to start offering their streaming content, so look out, Crackle, they're coming after the king!

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'Crossbones' Trailer: NBC Has Pirates Too


There's that part in The Princess Bride where Wesley is like, "I'm the Dread Pirate Roberts," and Buttercup is all, "How's that? You're clearly Wesley." This trailer for Crossbones, NBC's rival to Starz's Black Sails, is kind of like that. Except the pirate is Blackbeard, and we the audience are now the ones left saying, "What do you mean you're Blackbeard? You're just John Malkovich. You didn't even bother gluing on a black beard."

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Leftover Peeps To Be Tossed Unwanted into Theaters


Those colorful, near-shapeless little piles of largely-detested fluff will soon be coming to theaters--presumably in a very similar form. As inevitably as they end up in Easter baskets, Peeps are being developed into the animated feature film that of course someone is making. That someone: Small Soldiers and Underdog writer Adam Rifkin, who just optioned the film and television rights for the sweetened lumps from candy company Just Born, Inc.

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Eric Roberts Deems 'Human Centipede 3' To Be 'Really Horrible,' and He Has Been in So Many Eric Roberts Movies


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Eric Roberts has divulged that The Human Centipede: Final Sequence is "really horrible," as if we couldn't guess that already. "I'm sworn to secrecy," he said, but still added that the film has "a centipede that is made of prison inmates, and they're all hooked together. When you see this, you will never want to commit a crime and go to prison." Oh, man, did he just spoil the moral?