Wake Up, Dad, Clint Eastwood's 'Sully' Trailer Is Here, and Tom Hanks Is in It

June 30, 2016


Time to rouse Dad from his reclining armchair, because the first trailer for Clint Eastwood's Sully trailer is here. Tom Hanks stars in the title role as Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the hero pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson River after both engines failed and who has just the sort of cleanly mustached look Dad admire in a man. Father will thrill as he imagines how, in the same position, he thinks he probably would have made that landing too; delight as the movie gets into a bunch of technical stuff to draw a minutes-long incident into a feature-length film; enrage as those FAA big-wigs question the pilot's decision, like they can't just let a man trust his gut anymore; and lust as Sully goes home to supportive, pleasantly attractive wife Laura Linney.

Have a look, Pops:

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Ellen Page Steals Herself a Hotel Baby in Netflix's 'Tallulah' Trailer

June 29, 2016


Living out of a van with no money and no one who cares about you? Hey, Ellen Page is too! In Tallulah, she plays a derelict who impulsively kidnaps a baby from a dangerously negligent mother and ends up using it as a prop in a con. She takes it to her ex-boyfriend's estranged mother, Allison Janney, and gets her aid with the ruse that the tiny abductee is Janney's granddaughter. Time to put out an amber alert--for emotionally powerful storytelling. Here's the trailer:

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Watch Miles Teller Box, Get Ripped While in Neck Brace in 'Bleed for This' Trailer

June 29, 2016


Here's the trailer for Bleed for This, our latest film about Miles Teller pushing himself to the limit under the tutelage of a bald guy. Teller plays Vinny Pazienza, the real life boxer whose rising career came to an abrupt halt when a car accident broke his neck. Though doctors, family, and common sense said that Pazienza would thereafter stop having men punch him in the head, the fighter continued to train even while in a halo brace and ended up taking his little mustache back to the ring. Inspiring! But hopefully not too inspiring, because honestly, if you break your neck, you should not refuse a spinal fusion and instead have men repeatedly punch you in the head. That is still a horrible idea.

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First Look at Spider-Man in Concrete Tube with Woman

June 29, 2016


From Looper, here's a first look at Tom Holland in costume on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. While we've already had a look at the new Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, these shots give a much better look at the costume--revealing how, like the New 52 re-designed Justice League members or a pair of women's athletic tights, the suit has these arbitrary "tech" lines all over it for some reason. Also, Spider-Man rocks a JanSport. Make sure to tell Mom before she does our back to school shopping.

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Aaron Paul Maybe Murdered His Son or Something in '9th Life of Louis Drax' Trailer

June 28, 2016


While there's certainly a weirdly mainstream religious film boom going on right now, it's rare to see a film that, like a man in a tie showing up at your door but not pitching Jehovah's Witnesses, reeks of Christianity but somehow doesn't directly sell it. The Odd Life of Timothy Green pulled off this pseudo-miraculous feat a few years ago, and now we've got it again in The 9th Life of Louis Drax.

The film centers on a repeatedly injured young boy who falls into a coma after falling off a cliff... or did his father, Aaron Paul, push him off??? That's what hunk doctor Jamie Dornan (the Fifty Shades of Grey guy) hopes to find out by having Oliver Platt plug him into the kid's brain to read his mind or something. Basically, the whole affair seems like a dramatization from an old episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?, but now many times as long and even less convincing and here's the trailer:

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