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Here's Bryan Cranston as HBO's LBJ


Bryan Cranston has already played former president Lyndon B. Johnson on the stage, but soon he's bringing the role to the screen with an HBO miniseries based on Broadway's All the Way. And how will he look in the TV version? Well, here's People with a first look revealing that. He will look like the Magic Kingdom's Hall of Presidents LBJ is about to go rampaging out of control.

Hulu Finally Offering Commercial-Free Option


After years of wasting our lives, 90 seconds at a time, when we weren't even in the market for a new car, Hulu is finally going to offer a way to watch its programming without all those commercials. The company has just announce that now, for $11.99 per month, you can watch Hulu like you do all the other video services you fucking pay for: without commercial interruption. Those who don't wish to shell out an extra few bucks can continue with an ad-filled "Plus" for $7.99 a month, plus the cost of regularly screaming, "JESUS, I just wanted to skip to a part in the middle! Why is it starting the commercials over!?"

Here's Your 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Female Lead Shortlist


Much as Darth Vader died at the end of A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back abruptly tossed in a new love interest for Luke, Star Wars: Episode VIII will apparently feature a new villain and a new female lead after the events of The Force Awakens. As we've already learned, Benicio del Toro is playing the new antagonist of Episode VIII, and now The Wrap is reporting that our new female lead will likely be one of three rising actresses. Those three: Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez, Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany, and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl dying girl Olivia Cooke. It's said the trio are "slated to chemistry-read with The Force Awakens star John Boyega before the end of the month." So spoiler alert: that dude does not get lightsabered.

NBC Developing Series About Dracula's Brides


If you thought that NBC dropping their Coach sequel meant that the network must have other, better ideas to pursue instead, well, you were very wrong about that. Deadline is reporting that NBC has given a pilot commitment to Brides, a "hot gothic soap drama" that would seem to fall somewhere in the overlap of The Witches of Eastwick, Vamps, and the original Dark Shadows series. Created by Looking writer-producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Arrow co-creator Greg Berlanti, the show will imagine what would happen had Dracula's trio of brides NOT been killed by Van Helsing, but rather had survived for centuries in New York City, only to emerge when NBC was at its most desperate for something to air after SVU.

Oddly, this development only comes after NBC already tried and promptly canceled Dracula, a sexy, dramatic update of the Count himself. That would seem to bode poorly for Brides, but perhaps it's good news for Wives, a hilarious sitcom about the trio of immortal women who married Coach.

Choose Your Favorite Lecter with the Three-Hannibal 'Red Dragon' Mash-Up


Thanks to Manhunter, Red Dragon, and most recently the Hannibal television series, we've now had three screen takes on Hannibal Lecter and FBI agent Will Graham's tense, partitioned meeting of Thomas Harris's Red Dragon novel. And thanks to yet another editor who has worked hard to make something we can offhandedly watch on the internet, now there's also a video we can watch combining all those confrontations into one cohesive scene. Have a look below to decide your favorite, and to waste a few more minutes until someone finally edits Hannibal Buress jokes over one of these.

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'Borderlands' Will Also Be a Movie Now


Just in time to feel even more willfully derivative of Mad Max, Borderlands is getting a film adaptation. Lionsgate has announced that they're teaming with Take-Two Interactive Software, Gearbox Software, and frequent Marvel-movie-but-not-Marvel-Studios producers Avi and Ari Arad for an adaptation of the popular video game franchise, which centers on a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with a bunch of guns and a few vehicles, basically. Further details have not yet been announced, as it's still being worked out if some nut is going to try building walls along all our borderlands.

Chloë Moretz Gets Her Post-Apocalyptic Young-Adult Love Triangle Thing with 'The 5th Wave' Trailer


Here's the trailer for The 5th Wave, a film about the fifth, exhausting wave of young-adult, sci-fi action-romances to assault our theaters.

Chloë Grace Moretz stars as a teen trying to survive an alien invasion that some obnoxious jerks called the "Others" are really dragging out here. As the title implies, the attack is spread out across five waves.

The first? DARKNESS, in which they cut Earth's power, forcing mankind into a hibernation in which we all just play Scrabble by candlelight. It's kind of quaintly fun at first, but it gets boring. Next: "destruction," when they wrecked our cities with leftover effects from Roland Emmerich movies, flooding our towns with CGI floods somehow. Then came "infection," the biological warfare of giving us a deadly disease that the pharmaceutical companies never even had time to profit from. The fourth wave was outright attack, when the Others revealed they were already among us, then started killing us, which makes sense. And the fifth wave... that's when they make their final assault, taking over people's bodies and killing us some more. It... it kind of sounds like what I was told the fourth wave was... but whatever. If General Liev Schreiber wants to name it a new wave, good for him. No one questions Ray Donovan.

Have a look:

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New 'MacBeth' Trailer Also Looks Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful


Remember how phenomenally good that first MacBeth trailer looked? Well, if you couldn't guess, this one looks effing great, too. You know when you see a trailer for, like, some garbage comedy, and you think, "Mmm, maybe I'll catch that on a plane or something, just to see how Blart gets himself out of this one"? Well, this is the opposite of that. This is, "I definitely need to see this on the big screen, or at least on a nice-sized TV, because otherwise I would be doing myself a huge disservice, and I don't hate myself quite that much. Only enough to subject myself to an economy seat and Paul Blart 2."

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