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Merry Christmas: You're Getting Yet Another 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' Movie


Like the Chipmunks' shrill 1959 song that somehow still gets radio play at every supermarket, the Chipmunks' equally-painful movies are apparently also going to be the tradition that we keep getting, unasked for, every Christmas. According to THR, Fox 2000 and New Regency have plans to make December 23, 2015 the fourth December since 2007 to see baby Jesus visited by the three CGI rodents. Walt Becker--director of both Old Dogs and Wild Hogs somehow!--has signed on direct the latest "squeakquel", and there's already a script from Mrs. Doubtfire's writer that was last re-written by the writer of Made of Honor. It remains unclear whether the original stars will return. Also unclear: whether, at this point, they'll finally give in to the inevitable and just subtitle this goddammer A Very Alvin Christmunk. Just get it over with, okay?

Kevin Hart Gets Will Ferrell Ready for Prison in 'Get Hard' Trailer


Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart finally have their belated answer to the Steve Martin-Queen Latifah comedy Bringing Down the House with Get Hard. The film sees Ferrell playing a rich banker who gets convicted of fraud and sentenced to go to prison after completing a month's house arrest. So, he uses his 30 days of relative freedom to "get hard," enlisting Kevin Hart--whom he wrongly assumes must have spent some time behind bars--to toughen him up. Here's the trailer, which looks pretty much exactly how you'd expect given the cast and premise.

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Have a Look at Two Old 'Star Wars' Stars in New 'The Force Awakens' Video


Remember that contest to win a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Well, the proceeds from that ended up raising over $4 million in donations for UNICEF, and in the below video, J.J. Abrams and the crew of his new film want to thank everyone for making that possible. Joining them? Fan favorites Chewbacca and R2-D2. Now joining them? Han Solo. Harrison Ford has never thanked anyone ever for anything. He's not going to start now.

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Alan Rickman Directs, Rules France, in 'A Little Chaos' Trailer


Seventeen years after directing Emma Thompson in The Winter Guest, Alan Rickman is back behind the camera for A Little Chaos, his sophomore effort and a daring attempt at this time making an "Emma Thompson movie" without Emma Thompson. The film is a drama set in the time of King Louis XIV (played by Rickman), focusing on a newly-arrived landscape designer (Kate Winslet) and her affair with the Palace of Versailles' park architect. Romance! Period costumes! Landscaping! Basically, this is the exact opposite of a Transformers movie. There's nothing for you here, 11-year-old boys. But if it sounds like it could be just the 17th-century garden-design love affair for you, have a look at the trailer below.

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Watch Stephen Colbert's Celebrity-Filled, Musical, Bittersweet Goodbye


The Colbert Report has ended its inspired run, and while we may have seen the last of "Stephen Colbert," we have not seen the last of Stephen Colbert. We'll see him taking over for David Letterman on The Late Show. We'll see him on those commercials for pistachios. The Strangers with Candy clip of him singing and dancing to "King of Glory" is right here and should obviously be watched prior to any and all Christmas celebrations. So, it was only appropriate that in his final show last night, Colbert wished us not a "goodbye" but a "we'll meet again"--quite literally. Joined first by Jon Stewart and Randy Newman--and soon after by too many notables to even name--he serenaded us with a long, stirring rendition of the old classic "We'll Meet Again." Sam Waterston sang! A ton of other people did, too. Have a bittersweet look below.

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Robert Rodriguez's 'Fire & Ice' Finally Getting Made


Nobly keeping alive the cherished holiday myth that wakes children up every Christmas morning, Sony is continuing with the illusion that they actually distribute movies. Their latest reported acquisition to put out? Fire & Ice, Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of the iconic Frank Frazetta paintings that previously inspired a 1983 animated film (see below). Rodriguez has hoped to shoot the picture for several years now, first revealing his plans and concept art at 2011's Comic Con. As he did with Frank Miller's Sin City, Rodriguez's plan is to fully embody Frazetta's art style each shot. Said the director, "It will feel like it's real, but not real. It'll be [Frazetta's] reality." Jessica Alba will assumedly have a bunch of thigh muscle digitally painted on this time.

The plot of Fire & Ice involves a young warrior, Larn, who teams up with the mysterious Dark Wolf to save the kinapped princess Teegra from the clutches of Queen Juliana's evil son, Nekron. Sony reportedly hopes to turn the film into a fantasy franchise. Unless the actual evil son Nekron takes issue with his portrayal and subsequent slaying in the film, in which case they'll just shelf the whole thing.

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New 'American Sniper' Trailer: Turns Out, Shooting Unsuspecting People Gets a Bit Traumatizing


Boy, Call of Duty: Bradley Cooper does not look like much fun at all.

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'Team America' Showings Now Also Canceled


With Sony canceling the Christmas release of The Interview, the Alamo Drafthouse had the idea to make sure the holidays still include the gift of a North Korea-angering premise with a showing of Team America: World Police. They set up the event, quickly sold out their tickets, and other cinemas even started to follow suit with similar showings. Fun, right? So everyone thought. Everyone but Paramount. And probably also North Korea.

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