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'Saturday Night Live' Having a Big Anniversary Party Next Year


Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary is coming up, and they've decided against making it just a small, private affair of just Lorne Michaels and Chris Kattan splitting a nice bottle of wine. NBC has announced that the long-running series is getting a three-hour live special, to be filled with cast members new and old, special guests, and memorable musical acts from the show's history. The exact lineup has yet to be determined and announced, but there's still plenty of time: the show won't air until Sunday, February 15, 2015. Can't wait to see Adam Sandler reprise Opera Man in basketball shorts!

Found-Footage and Dance Movies Merging into One Thing with Way Too Much Motion


Singer-songwriter John Legend and Step Up: All In writer John Swetnam are teaming up to fuse the found-footage = and dance genres into one jittering mass of shaky movement. According to Deadline, Legend will produce and Swetnam will make his directing debut on Breaking Through, "the first feature of its kind to combine two subgenres -- dance movies and found footage -- in a plot described as a 'documentary-style dance drama for the YouTube generation.'" Presumably, the drama will come when someone finds footage of dancing, uploads it for everyone to ridicule, and then the person in the video feels bad about themselves for the rest of their lives.

Spielberg Adds Another Film to the Queue


With Montezuma and Robopocalypse already on his plate, Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) has added another potential project to the list. It's The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, a project that Variety reports will re-team the director with Lincoln and Munich writer Tony Kushner. His script is based on David Kertzer's nonfiction book about a 19th century Italian Jew who was taken from his parents at 7 by authorities of the Papal States; it came out that he had been baptized when he was ill, and it was illegal for non-Catholics to raise a baptized child. The incident led to international controversy, as well as many hilarious Three Men and a Baby-style moments for pope Pius IX and the church-state wards.

Mortara apparently didn't hold it against the church, though. Instead of getting revenge or anything, the kid ended up eventually becoming an Augustinian priest himself.

Have a Look at the Godzilla Movie's Other Giant A-Hole


As some of you picked up on from the last trailer, the titular monster is not the only giant fucker ruining our things in Godzilla. This other guy has only shown his claw and some face in previews, but now, thanks to this Godzilla licensed product guide (via), you can see some full-body shots below (of toys, mind you). It kind of looks like he was rendered in the Out of This World engine, but more so, it looks like this guy can turn into a hoofed stealth bomber. Watch out if he turns into a hoofed stealth bomber, Godzilla.

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'Jersey Boys' Trailer: See and Hear the Rise of an Extremely High Pitch


Clint Eastwood, lover of scowls and jukebox musicals, has turned the Broadway hit Jersey Boys into a movie for you, my mom. Bringing Tony Award-winning actor John Lloyd Young back to the role of Frankie Valli, the film tells the story of the sometimes-troubled rise of our greatest purveyors of shrill, falsetto-led harmonies, The Four Seasons. So Let's Hang On and run, don't Walk, Like a Man to watch the trailer below! Ha ha! I've clearly already had too much Sherry!

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Pharrell's 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Song Is, Well, It's 'Here'


Just when you thought Pharrell couldn't be any more ubiquitous, he's back already with a soundtrack follow-up to Happy called Here. Pharrell worked with composed Hans Zimmer and former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr on music for the film, but according to HipHop-N-More, this is a solo track from the musician/producer.

While Pharrell's last couple huge hits have been fun, good-time efforts, this is not. This must be played when Spider-Man is having a slow dance at his senior prom, because that is the only place I can imagine hearing this song. Or maybe in a GPS commercial, because for some reason there's the line "let's get new GPSs." This guy is such a spendthrift when it comes to large hats and global positioning systems.

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'Game of Thrones' Still Breaking Records as Most Stolen Thing


Game of Thrones this week broke its own record for people sharing that shit like quiz results. According to TorrentFreak (via), Sunday's episode, which featured the already-famous diagnosis of Joffrey's nosebleed, was at one point shared by over 193 thousand people at once. That's more than twenty thousand more simultaneous shares than last season's finale, the previous record holder. Furthermore, they estimate that a full million-and-a-half people downloaded the episode within the first day of its illegal release.

It's expected these numbers will likely once again be toppled by subsequent episodes, or at least by the new season finale. Or maybe by a Mike & Molly, should those writers ever grow the balls to finally do a big episode where Molly publicly poisons Mike.

Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich Drama Coming to Television as Talkie


Zero Dark Thirty, Her, and American Hustle production company Annapurna Pictures is headed to television, where Megan Ellison can get herself some acclaim on a weekly basis. Ellison's company is reportedly working with Hung and The L Word writers Angela Robinson and Alex Kondracke on a scripted drama said to focus on "the Golden Age of Hollywood and the intersecting lives of Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich." People pretending to be Cary Grant, John Wayne, John Gilbert, Mercedes de Acosta, Tallulah Bankhead, Alla Nazimova, and Barbara Stanwyck are also said to make appearances. The title of the series is Wasn't This Already a 1940s Merrie Melodies Short?