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Ronda Rousey To Play Herself in Biopic


Following up her recent role as herself in Entourage, undefeated MMA star Ronda Rousey will now expand on the character of Ronda Rousey with a feature-length biopic. Rousey is reportedly attached to play Rousey in Paramount's just-optioned adaptation of My Fight/Your Fight, the autobiography Rousey co-wrote with sister Maria Burns Ortiz. The fighter has previously appeared in The Expendables 3 and Furious 7, and she'll next be seen acting instead of clobbering people in Peter Berg's upcoming Mile 22.

Never Mind, Channing Tatum Will Still Star in 'Gambit' After All


Well, turns out not everything you hear about Cajun mutants is true. So we've learned in our fruitless, decades-long search to locate and kill an actual Swamp Thing, and so we now learn again with the news that Channing Tatum is going to play the lead in Gambit after all. Though it was last week rumored that Tatum was close to walking away from the X-Men spin-off, THR over the weekend shot down that talk with word that Magic Mike and 20th Century Fox officially closed a deal for him to star in and produce the film. Fans of Tatum: rejoice! Hunters of Swamp Things: keep at it. We'll get 'im.

Simon Pegg Ranks 'Star Wars' Films in Under a Minute


Yeah, that sounds about right, Pegg.

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Stephen Colbert's First 'Late Show' Promos: Mitt Romney Was Told There Would Be Pancakes


Romney must really be kicking himself for not showing this kind of humanizing pancake desire a few years ago.

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PEZ Animated Movie To Dispense Chalky New Nadir for Brand-Inspired Films


Pez is finally making the jump from "candy that looks and tastes like medicine" to the big screen. Envision Media Arts has announced plans to make Pez the latest nostalgia-filled brand that will be a movie for no good reason. Cameron Fay, writer of the upcoming comedy Brother in Laws, is handling the script, and according to Envision CEO and founder Lee Nelson, Fay has "created a world unique to Pez and a story that will touch the hearts of many." Finally, we'll get beneath the springy loading chamber to the sentimental core of Pez dispensers. Which is good, because I've always said that when they finally make the Pez movie, they had better nail the emotional aspect of the compressed sugar rectangles.

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'Deadpool' Trailer Trailer Shows Expected Self-Awareness


Not so self-aware as to recognize how stupid trailers for trailers are, but at least self-aware enough to address how weird it was that Deadpool didn't have a mouth in the first Wolverine movie. Who gets rid of a mouth?

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Ben Stiller Confirms He Can Still Do the Face in First 'Zoolander 2' Trailer


Featuring the voice of Stephen Hawking! So you know that THIS Zoolander must be scientifically sound.

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'Cocktail's Stunt Spectacular 5' Tops Weekend Box Office


They say Hollywood doesn't have any bankable movie stars anymore, but how else then do we explain the crowds drawn to the star power of that celebrity plane that once dangled Tom Cruise? Over the weekend, the latest clumsily-titled Mission: Impossible easily took the top spot at the box office, while in second place, Vacation missed estimates by a wild margin, bringing in less than $15M on the weekend and $21M since Wednesday. And remember Pixels? With Adam Sandler, and Pac-Man? Well, that's not doing well at all. After a slow opening last weekend, it's already dropped 57% to fifth place.

Here's the rest of your top five:

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