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Goldie Hawn Finally Ready To Do Another Movie Post-'Banger Sisters'


Man, when was the last time Goldie Hawn was in a movie? I'll just tell you: it was 2002, when she did The Banger Sisters, a completely forgettable comedy with a poster that's somehow indelibly a part of my brain. Why do I continue to remember this? Am I really that annoyed in knowing that, in the movie, they never even get the tattoo?

Anyway, now it seems Hawn is ready to act again. She's reportedly in talks to make her return to film in Mother/Daughter, a comedy in which she would play the mother to Amy Schumer (the daughter). 50/50's Jonathan Levine is directing from a script by The Heat and Ghostbusters writer Katie Dippold. It's set to arrive on Mother's Day of next year. Take Mom as a symbolic gesture that, like Goldie Hawn, it will be nice to see her after 14 years of unremarked-upon silence.

Bill Murray Will Inform You of Bare Necessities in New 'Jungle Book' Trailer


Bill Murray's Baloo sings a new version of "The Bare Necessities"! Now, one of the bare necessities is a $150 million budget to pay for all the photorealistic CG animals and celebrity voice acting.

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Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza Out-Bro Zac Efron, Adam DeVine in 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates' Trailer


Look out, Wedding Crashers: there's a new, bro-heavy, nuptials-disruptive comedy in town, and it's coming for your lifetime frat membership.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates stars Zac Efron and Workaholics' Adam DeVine--our two actors who look most like they've faced spring break-related criminal charges--as siblings that might as well just be called The Bro Bros. All evidence from their characters would suggest that this is definitely some kind of cross-over spin-off of Neighbors and Workaholics.

The two have a history of ruining family gatherings, so, as explicitly laid out by their expositional father, Stephen Root, "I want you to bring a date to your sister's wedding. I don't want you showing up stag and riling each other up."

For reasons that can't be explained, the Bro Bros. are confounded by their stated task. Ripped hunk Zac Efron cannot fathom where one would meet a woman willing to attend an event with him, a ripped hunk. DeVine, though, has a bizarre idea: to go on a talk show and publicly solicit dates. One wouldn't think that would work, as two young men looking for wedding dates is in no way an interesting scenario for a talk show to discuss, but they sort it out, because Wendy Williams doesn't really have standards.

Equally intolerable, hard-partying duo Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza (also seemingly reprising her Efron-adjacent role from Dirty Grandpa) see this plea. Noting that the wedding would get them a free trip to the ceremony's Hawaiian locale, they decide to grift these guys, pretending to be respectable dates when, in fact, they are even an more ruinous pair. The crudely-written script is flipped, Bros!

Here's the trailer:

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Aliens Unveil Pretty Solid Battle Plan in 'Independence Day: Resurgence' Super Bowl Spot


So, you know how the independence-hating aliens used to shoot that beam, and then the White House would explode? Well, since we overcame that with Will Smith and a computer virus, they've got a better plan of attack now. What they do is, they somehow lift entire, massive cities into the sky, then drop those cities on other major metropolises. It's like an Earth-scale equivalent of "stop hitting yourself." Are these guys pricks or what?

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Not Cool: Psylocke Ruins Someone's Car in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Super Bowl Spot


More looks at the new heroes! More glimpses of the new cleavage keyholes! More evidence that this film largely takes place in front of a greyscale matte painting of a ruined city! Have a look:

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Jason Bourne Back as Jason Bourne in 'Jason Bourne' Super Bowl Spot


After The Bourne Legacy failed at providing even the most basic requirement of a "Bourne" film--namely, anyone at all named Bourne--Universal has corrected the situation with their franchise follow-up. Jason Bourne is in the new one! And to make sure everyone fully understands that, last night, during the Super Bowl, the studio exhaustively reiterated that fact with the first teaser for that film. Its first line is "My God, that's Jason Bourne!" The second line asks, "Why did he come back now?" Then, Matt Damon says, "I know who I am," and who he is is Jason Bourne. Also, the movie's title is Jason Bourne. That character is definitely in this:

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Weekend Box Office: Et Tu, Cartoon Panda?


Well, for some people, it seems the return of Jack Black's Po is somehow more exciting than the return of '90s Clooney's Caesar hair. At the box office over the weekend, Kung Fu Panda retained the top spot, with the Coen Brothers' O Ben-Hur, Where Are Thou?, aka Hail, Caesar!, trailing behind in a distant second. Other new releases The Choice and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, meanwhile, apparently split the "lover of brain-dead literature" audience. Only one of the films managed to crack into this, your weekend box office top five:

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Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Star in R-Rated Musical Comedy About Pilots


Once eyed to star in a new take on Guys & Dolls, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum have now decided to leave that to your high school drama club. These guys are ready to be ADULT song-and-dance bros. And, according to THR, the two are going to make it happen with an R-rated musical-comedy they'll star in for Universal. The film is said to be based on an idea Gordon-Levitt formed with Jump Street writer Michael Bacall, who is now working on the screenplay. Gordon-Levitt and Tatum will play "pilots on a misadventure" who fly, nonstop, straight into their wheelhouse.