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Josh Brolin Put on 'Goonies' Bandana To Tell Us 'Goonies 2' Isn't Happening Any Time Soon


Hinting that while Goonies never say die, they will find other ways to remind us they grow deathly old like anyone else, Josh Brolin last night suggested that he'll probably be super-elderly if or when they ever get around to making Goonies 2.

Last we heard about the sequel was back in April, when Richard Donner told TMZ that the sequel was in development. As it turns out, that's all Brolin has heard about it too--and also like us, he's pretty skeptical about any news that comes from TMZ.

"I would do it in a second, but every five years I keep hearing that we're gonna do it," the actor told Jimmy Fallon. "And when finally you hear something like Richard Donner, it's on TMZ, so you can't believe it. "It's like, 'Yes, we're gonna do it!' I'm like, 'It says TMZ down on the bottom, man.'"

"They've said it so many times, [by the time it happens] I'll be this character," Brolin said, miming hobbling around in a walker. A sign of his lack of confidence, or a spoiler as to what age-inappropriate transport Brand will now steal instead of a girl's bike? You can judge for yourself with the Tonight Show clip below.

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Shane Black Will Also Make 'Remo Williams' Movie


Though he's already supposed to be doing Doc Savage, a Predator movie, and a 1970s showdown of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe glowering, Shane Black has signed on to yet another project. According to Deadline, now the Iron Man 3 director is attached to Sony's adaptation of The Destroyer, the pulp novel series that already gave us the Fred Ward film Remo Williams. Williams, the series' lead, was a Newark cop who, wrongly sentenced to death, was somehow resurrected after a botched execution and brought into a secret government agency to destroy things again--now with an Asian assassin named Chiun. Sounds like another role for Ben Kingsley!

Star-Lord Visited a Children's Hospital and of Course It Was Endearing


The infinitely-likable Chris Pratt has somehow found yet another way to make himself charming: using his newfound fame to cheer up sick kids. Much as he previously did by suddenly getting super ripped, Pratt made everyone else on Earth look bad this week by taking all his charisma to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. As E! reports, there Pratt, in collaboration with Marvel and Children's Miracle Network, held a special screening of Guardians of the Galaxy, let the young patients take photos in his Star-Lord gear, and, as seen here, was ambassador to The Lego Movie for sick "Lego Kid" Dylan Prunty. He did fail to rattle off any snappy Sorkin dialogue for the child Moneyball fans, but I'm not going to fault him for that one, because there's always next time.

New 'Annabelle' Trailer Reveals New Ways 'Conjuring' Doll Is Terrible Doll


Annabelle, the porcelain Joey of The Conjuring's Friends, has been given her own spin-off. As you'll see in this trailer for her eponymous film, the doll is possessed by some kind of demon, making it able to turn on the stereo, speed up the sewing machine, turn the stovetop coils to high, and manifest herself as both a girl and an older woman. All these factors combined, it is more than clear that Annabelle should be paying at least a double-share of the electric this month, right? Here's her roommates' case:

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Sandra Bullock, David Gordon Green Making Political Dramedy


Sandra Bullock is teaming with the director of Pineapple Express and Your Highness for what is, sadly, not the Bullock stoner comedy The High Side. She's reportedly attached to produce and star in Our Brand Is Crisis, a dramedy adaptation of the 2005 Rachel Boynton documentary of the same name. That film focused on the way the United States used targeted marketing to influence the 2002 presidential election, which saw Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada win victory over Evo Morales (spoiler). The film continues Green's return to more dramatic fare--the former indie darling last directed Joe and the upcoming Manglehorn--and Bullock's recent political work, like her anti-immigration exposé, The Proposal.

'Minority Report' Series To Stop Crimes Before They Can Happen on Television


With 2002's Minority Report, Steven Spielberg cautioned of the dangers in taking a futuristic, predictive approach to stopping crime. Still, though, he never said it wouldn't make for a cool procedural conceit, so now he's going to make a show about that. According to The Wrap, Spielberg (War Horse) has attached Godzilla writer Max Borenstein to begin developing a series based on the Tom Cruise sci-fi hit. It's said that the show would focus on the PreCrime unit, the squad tasked with stopping perps before they can commit their crimes. As you may recall, smooth elements like partially-submerged bald people and polished wooden balls help them with this task.

It's expected that Spielberg will seek a big-name actor for to lead, and that Minority Report: SVU will ultimately end up being the more entertaining and enduring PreCrime series.

'Harry Potter' Director To Continue Directing Harry Potter Things


David Yates, the director who did four of Harry Potter's most lucrative chapters yet still frustratingly remains "David Yates (II)" on IMDb, is returning to the world of wizardry J.K. Rowling made up. Sources tell Variety that Yates has agreed to helm Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, the Potter spin-off prequel that focuses on the adventures of New Yorker Newt Scamander, the fictional author of the titular book. The job had been previously rumored to be going to Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuarón, but of course, with the success of Gravity, he'll now instead be tackling Gravity 2: Clooney's Revenge.

Ken Jeong To Murder David Hasselhoff, for the Laughs


Turning what would have been a perfectly fine reality show pilot into what will probably be a pretty bad film, WWE Studios has signed Ken Jeong to star in a movie where he'll try to kill David Hasselhoff. According to Variety, the comedy is currently developing under the title "Untitled Celebrity Death Pool" with Diary of a Mad Black Woman director Darren Grant. Jeong will play a nightclub owner drowning in shady debts and hoping to pay them off by winning a pool betting on which celebrity will die next. The horse he's picked to die next: David Hasselhoff! So, to make sure he wins, he attempts to murder the Baywatch star, ignoring the consequences of what will certainly be another war with Germany. Hulk Hogan is said to be among several celebrities who will also cameo as public personas we're comfortable chuckling about someone putting a bullet in.