AM Poster Post: 'Untraceable' Cyber Poster Cyber!

December 19, 2007


Haven't we moved past the point of anything with the term "cyber" being scarier? You'd think so. It's been over a decade since The Net, and that was already completely ludicrous when it came out; people are now using the internet for countless aspects of their daily lives; and if Dateline is giving an accurate account of the situation, "cyber criminals" are either, a) sad sacks looking to give adolescents a Mike's Hard Lemonade and a good time, or b) Nigerian. Neither are really that threatening if you aren't twelve or in Nigeria. Only my grandma will be frightened by the image of a mouse clicking a human face. (Though, admittedly, she will be very, very frightened.)

Untraceable Poste [IMPA]

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