'Pineapple Express' Poster References Criminal Act

April 3, 2008


How many ways can the Pineapple Express poster find to work in not-so-subtle references to marijuana? I count five.

1. The title, which the trailer explains is a type of the marijuana drug.

2. The "Put this in your pipe and smoke it" tagline. Because the marijuana drug is smoked, sometimes in a pipe.

3. Actual, physical smoke surrounding the characters, as is produced by the marijuana drug.

4. James Franco's look of jovial euphoria, as may be caused by the marijuana drug.

5. The second tagline, "From the guys who brought you Superbad." Because any time the term "from the guys who brought you..." is used, the only logical response to the instant rage it creates is to either escape through drug use or destroy something beautiful.

Pineapple Poster! [JoBlo]

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