'Ghostbusters 3' is Actually Happening?

September 5, 2008


Ghostbusters, the film voted most-present in my nascent life by my VCR, had been haunted (wink!) by whispers of a second sequel for years, with rumored storylines ranging from a passing of the mantle story to a fully-CGI trip to the depths of Hell. But now, for the first time, fairly official news has finally surfaced, with Columbia reportedly hiring The Office co-executive producers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky to work on the script. From Variety:

[Columbia Pictures] has set "The Office" co-exec producers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky to write a script for a film designed to bring back together the original cast of Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson.

The scribes just wrote "Year One," a comedy that was directed by Ramis. Ramis with Aykroyd wrote the first two installments of the films. Ivan Reitman directed both the 1984 original and the sequel that was released in 1989. The close proximity between the writers and original Ghostbuster Ramis is evidence that the ghost chasers have sparked to the idea of returning.

Guys, just leave it. As much as I love Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II is already, at best, fun but forgivably flawed, particularly once you remember how it ends. The image of Vigo is somehow replaced by a Renaissance-style painting of the Ghostbusters, in togas, making irreverent faces? Even at seven that had me rolling my eyes. We don't need more of this.

Admittedly, writers for The Office are probably some of the best people you could get to work on something of this importance, but at the same time, no. This isn't their burden to bear. If someone is going to do this, I want it to be the original writers, Aykroyd and Ramis, for better or worse (definitely worse). The point is, you wouldn't yank the fishing pole from your grandpa's hands just because he's old and too weak to reel in the fish, would you? No. You let him struggle with it until he either gives up or drops the pole in the water, then you lie to him and say it was probably just stuck on a tire or something. So seriously, guys, leave it.

That being said, who else can't wait for this new Ghostbusters movie, huh?

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