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Brad Pitt Either Finding This Really Great City or Dying


Paramount has arranged for We Own the Night director James Gray to adapt and direct The Lost City of Z, and more impressively, Brad Pitt will star. Have you heard of this guy? Really popular actor. Here's the story:

Paramount has set "We Own the Night" helmer James Gray to direct "The Lost City of Z." Gray will adapt the David Grann book for Brad Pitt to star in as British soldier and spy Percy Fawcett.

The nonfiction book by Grann, a staffer at the New Yorker, will be published in April by Doubleday. Paramount acquired it earlier this year for Pitt to produce through his Par-based Plan B banner.

Fawcett left Victorian society to explore in the Amazon, and he became obsessed by the idea of an advanced civilization he called Z, which he believed existed in the depths of the jungle. Along with his son, Fawcett headed into the jungle in 1925 in search of Z and was never seen again.

This could end up being a pretty interesting Moby Dick-style character study, where a man's obsession becomes his ultimate undoing. But even if it ends up being nothing like that, at least it's being kept away from Jerry Bruckheimer. You give him this story, we'd have Z, Z2: Escape from Z, Z3: Revenge of Z, and Z: The Ride by 2012.

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