'S. Darko' Teaser: Remember How There Was a Girl in That 'Donnie Darko' Movie?

February 4, 2009


For those worried about the quality of S. Darko, the straight-to-video Donnie Darko sequel that's been carelessly assembled without the participation of writer/director Richard Kelly, this awful teaser should do nothing to alleviate your concerns. Instead of giving any hint of exactly how they'll pointlessly continue the story (more things crashing through roofs?), the trailer functions only as a refresher course for those whose sole question was, "Wait, who the eff was S. Darko?" Those who watch this will be able to confidently say, "Oh, right, that's his dancing sister. And man, that rabbit dude was so fucked up, bro."

"A Donnie Darko Tale"! Ohhhh, I get it. This has some sort of connection to Donnie Darko. Now I'm with you.

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