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'At the Movies' No Longer Attending Movies

At the Movies, the venerable two-guys-arguing-about-movies series, is no more. Ebert's Twitter Box has revealed that, after over two decades of shows, the series has been canceled.

The program began, of course, with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert debating films on-camera, then continued with Ebert and guest hosts and eventually Richard Roeper after Siskel's illness and death, moved on to briefly allow a couple jackasses to host it, and will now end with the bickering of A. O. Scott and Michael Phillips.

Thankfully, Ebert has followed up on news of the cancellation with some news of his own, promising a new, similarly-formatted, similarly-named show in the near future. So, until that comes out, I guess I'll have to go back to the way I chose movies before the At the Movies' 1986 premiere: seeing whatever movie has the best action figures.

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