This Will Be a Movie: 'The Gift'

April 9, 2010


Bidding war! (It sounds more exciting if you shout it like a fat kid screaming "food fight!") The Heat Vision blog reports several studios, including Warner and Fox, are competing to win the rights to make a feature length version of The Gift, the under-five-minute film just released as part of a Philips short series made to promote their idiotic televisions with auras.

Made by commercial director Erik Rinsch, The Gift primarily follows a Soviet android on a motorcycle fleeing police to protect a small unicorn in a box, which kind of sounds like something a troubled but precocious 8-year-old would come up with as a veiled metaphor for his problems at home, but it's actually pretty solid. Watch it:

For some reason, now I really want to buy a living television that projects its soul on the wall...

(Thanks, sham.)

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