There's a Movie About an Autistic Boy Trapped in a Boarded Up House, in a Hurricane, with a Feral Tiger

May 26, 2010


Here's a summary of what the film Burning Bright is, based on what I've gathered from the trailer:

Back-of-his-Truck Tiger Salesman(?): "You know, guy, on second thought, I'm having some misgivings about selling you, just a dude, an angry, bloodthirsty tiger."

Soon after...

Just a Dude: "Hey! Girl, Autistic Boy, I bought a tiger! Now I'm boarding everyone inside the home in preparation for this terrible hurricane!"

Soon after...

Girl: "Ut oh, he also boarded that tiger in here with us."

Tiger: "BOOOOSH! I just exploded through the motherfuckin' wall, you chumps!"

Then the rest is like Panic Room meets Jumanji.

Have a look:

On DVD in August, y'all.


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