Disney/Marvel Giving Dr. Strange a Shot

June 22, 2010


With nearly a year having passed since they paid all kinds of dollars for the rights to Marvel's cast of funny-named characters with powers, Disney isn't about to waste any more time sitting on that vast tighted men catalog while other studios keep cranking out Ghost Rider movies just so they won't lose the rights. Deadline reports Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, whose work we'll next get to evaluate in the storytelling of Conan, have been hired to write a screenplay based on the adventures of Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. In the comics, Strange was a talented, egocentric surgeon whose dexterous hands are injured in a car accident; searching for a cure in the Himalayas--where all the best cures are usually found--he encounters a man who trains him in the ways of magics, eventually leading to his dressing flamboyantly and becoming best sorcerer. Studio executives are probably already enthusiastically describing it as "Iron Man meets Harry Potter, but with the gritty realism of Dark Knight," because holy cats doesn't that sound like something that would make a lot of money?

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