'Green Hornet' Trailer: Michel Gondry Delivers a Seemingly-Generic Action Comedy

June 22, 2010


Stripping away all the naturalism and Etsy aesthetic that makes Michel Gondry films Michel Gondry films, Gondry appears to have delivered his most generic-looking, broadly-plotted film to date with the would-be blockbuster The Green Hornet, and we're finally getting a good look at this SOB with the just-released trailer. Seth Rogen stars, transforming the debonair Britt Reid into a bumbling alpha at the mercy of his enormously-competent sidekick (Jay Chou), with Christoph Waltz sporting a goatee to play some guy who you just know is bad news by the way he waves a gun around saying he wants to stop the Green Hornet. Cameron Diaz also briefly shows up to remind us how darling she is in romantic comedies.

Can The Green Hornet overcome the grim portent that is having a release date in January (when the film studio's try to get rid of the film equivalent of some cans of vegetables and that frozen cocktail shrimp they've had forever)? Maybe! Here's the trailer:

Could be fun. Sort of a Pineapple Express, if James Franco were replaced with Asian Batman.

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