That 'Angry Birds' iPhone/iPad App: The Movie

August 24, 2010


What makes for a better movie plot than a simplistic, ballistic physics iPhone app? Probably nothing is right! So Rovio, the Finnish creators of the popular slingshot-a-bird-at-a-fort-full-of-pigs game Angry Birds, plan to broader their time-wasting game into a multiplatform franchise that could include films, TV series, toys, comics, and anything else you can print a mad cartoon bird on. CEO Mikael Hed told Variety he plans to "expand the universe and the brand" with future games and animations that he's already optimistically comparing to Pixar and Aardman work.

For the uninitiated, here's a game cinematic to help you understand the rich backstory that leads to you using your finger to hurl birds at the delicately-balanced fortresses of pigs (the pigs are eatin' the bird eggs):

Honestly, there are a lot worse video game adaptations in development. Speaking of, when do I get my Asteroids trailer?

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