Spielberg Will Tell Us of the Coming Robot Apocalypse with: 'Robopocalypse'

October 22, 2010


With robots building their ranks and skills to eventually overthrow society and all (more info on that here), Steven Spielberg has plans to make a surely-prescient film documenting the robot uprising by adapting the upcoming novel Robopocalypse into a feature film. Being that the book isn't even out yet, it's hard to give an exact summary of what we'll be getting on-screen, but DreamWorks co-president Mark Sourian told Deadline it "embodies an imaginative story of a robot rebellion unleashed against the human race," which sounds exactly like what I imagined a "Robopocalypse" would be. Despite Will Smith's experience battling entitled robits, he'll probably be too busy fighting a supercomputer to help out, so I wouldn't be too surprised if we see Tom Cruise's name connected to this soon enough. Someone must be the excitable celebrity voice of the human resistance.

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