Will Smith Decrees Willow Smith Will Star in 'Annie'

January 20, 2011


Everyone in the world was so gracious in accepting Jaden Smith as our new Karate Kid that--oh boy, oh boy--Will Smith has deemed we've earned the unnecessary remake presence of another of his scions! Yes, the Smith patriarch, a former prince, is reportedly developing a remake of Annie for daughter Willow to use as her feature film debut. The project is still in its nascent stages, but already Jay-Z--who previously signed a record deal with Willow, because she was also born a natural pop star--is in talks to collaborate on the music. What a hip-hop "Tomorrow" we're in for! That is, unless Will figures out that Willow pointing at Natalie Portman meant "I want ballet," not "I want acting," in which case he'll instead make her the World's Most Popular Ballet Dancer.

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