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'The Simpsons' in Melty Beads, Ewan McGregor as a Non-Jedi Knight, and More


- IWS friend and Simpsons devotee Kyle McCoy has constructed a huge, 10' by 4' replica of Springfield made entirely of those little melty beads you iron together. Sadly, he isn't revealing the fully-assembled finished product until April 2, so we'll have to keep using the old coasters until then.

- Ewan McGregor is in talks to play "leader of the king's elite guard" in Bryan Singer's forever-talked-about fairy tale adaptation, Jack the Giant Killer. Meanwhile, Power Rangers RPG actress Adelaide Kane is in contention to play the princess, which just goes to show not all post-Power Ranger careers need end with punching a guy's teeth out of his head.

- Jimmi Simpson will continue his streak of being that guy you see all the time--like on The Late Show as Lyle the Intern--but don't really know, nabbing the role of the President's "right hand man" in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

- Community and The Soup's consummate wise-ass Joel McHale is in talks to follow up roles in Spy Kids, The Big Year, and What's Your Number? with a part as a sleazy boss in Seth McFarlane's feature-length excuse to voice a live-action living teddy bear, Ted. Ah, Joel, I can still remember when you were selling me Spicy Tendercrisp chicken sandwiches.

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