Scientologists Get Movie Roles, Denzel Exchanging Out-of-Control Trains for Planes, and More

April 22, 2011

- Oliver Stone has expanded the cast of his adaptation of The Savages, adding the suddenly ubiquitous Blake Lively and old co-workers Uma Thurman and John Travolta, giving us what will likely be our best Pulp Fiction reunion since Snakes on a Plane reunited Samuel L. Jackson and ridiculous use of "motherfucker." Or the best Be Cool reunion since the voices of Cedric the Entertainer and André 3000 in Charlotte's Web? Whichever.

- Robert Zemeckis may be taking on his first non-creepy-CGI-shit project since 2000's Cast Away, directing Denzel Washington in Flight, a film about a seemingly heroic commercial pilot whose dramatic landing is called into question when it turns out he had drugs and alcohol in his system. Shouldn't that make it more impressive then?

- Tom Cruise will play a straight-laced guy whose first mistake, a highly-publicized affair, wreaks havoc on his political career. If ONLY that could be a politician's only mistake, y'know? POLITICS.

- Josh Brolin did such a good Tommy Lee Jones impression he's been rewarded with a part alongside Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad.

- Susan Sarandon, Adam Brody, and David Arquette are in talks to join Rosanna Arquette's Hemlock Drive, a dramedy about a woman who finds out she's dying and forces her children to return home to throw a before-the-fact funeral. So some kind of Get Low/Living Wake/Royal Tenenbaum... with Arquettes.

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