'Super 8' Gets a Marginally Interactive Trailer

April 20, 2011


In the teasers for J.J. Abrams' Super 8 thus far, it's been repeatedly shown that the impetus for the film's plot comes from the crash of a government train, giving something--presumably an ALF of some nature--the opportunity to bang its way out of its railcar prison and into a small down. While pretty exciting, that scene has always had one issue, though: Why won't it allow me to clumsily walk around for a minute before anything happens?

Enter the interactive trailer. Attached to yesterday's big Portal 2 release (it's a video game, mom), the film's latest preview places you within one of the train cars just prior to the explosion, allowing you to... I don't know, look at some stuff, experience the trauma of being stuck in a train accident, and then review the familiar scene of something escaping from the wreckage. I guess this is the next generation of interactive movie-making, standing on the shoulders of those DVDs where your choices on the remote would affect the story, since those worked out so well as the last generation of interactive movies.

In case you don't have yourself a Portal, here's video of someone else playing through the scene:

Seems like the largest implication is that our character is Bruce Willis Unbreakable, isn't it?


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