'Dinosaurs Versus Aliens' Our Latest Archetype Mélange

May 10, 2011


Jon Favreau's adaptation of the Cowboys & Aliens graphic novel has yet to hit theaters, but already it's sparked a revolution in the film industry, wherein buying up comics about arbitrary combinations of geek-popular stock characters is quickly becoming a replacement for thinking of new ideas. Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is already at work on an adaptation of IDW's Zombies Vs. Robots, the Zombieland writers are ensuring we'll see cowboys at odds with vikings and ninjas, Jonah Hill pitting vampires and zombies against aliens, and now we've got Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld in a deal with Liquid Comics and Cheyenne Enterprises to bring Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens to screens.

About now is typically where I'd make a snide little crack about how all our ideas for films are coming from whatever costumes are left in Rite Aid the week after Halloween, but hold the fuck on: comics genius Grant Morrison is doing this thing! Morrison--a madman who's done brilliant work on New X-Men, Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Batman, Seaguy (note: Seaguy is seriously one of our best things), and more--will reportedly be writing both the graphic novel the screenplay. If anyone can make palatable yet another haphazard rearrangement of familiar ingredients, it's him. Or Taco Bell.

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