'Straw Dogs' Trailer: Adult Bullying Continues To Be Genuinely Terrifying

May 13, 2011


Today has already surprised us with another entry into the "polished, serious '80s horror remake" genre, and now we've also got a new addition to the "gritty '70s genre pictures remade as sweaty sadism pornos" genre bursting into our homes unannounced. Sony just released the trailer for Straw Dogs, Rod Lurie's remake that moves the grown-up Home Alone-style action to the semi-modern American South and replaces Dustin Hoffman with James Marsden, forcing the former Cyclops to use boiling pots of oil and bear traps to confront masculinity head-on and defend his home and wife from the invading forces of Alexander Skarsgard & His Hilljack Friends. This is it; don't get scared now:

Looks... competent but redundant? Anyway, if my Kate Bosworth ever calls me a coward, that's the day she can boil her own fucking oil to throw in the face of her rapists. There are like five of these guys, lady. We can't all be Supermans.

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