'Gods Behaving Badly' Picks Greek God Cast from Bizarre Acting Grab Bag

July 5, 2011


Christopher Walken, John Turturro, Sharon Stone, Rosie Perez, and Clair Huxtable as Greek Gods living together in a brownstone? Sure, why not, and throw in Alicia Silverstone, too, says this adaptation of Marie Phillips' Gods Behaving Badly:

The film tells the story of the Greek Gods, alive and well and living in a brownstone in New York City, as they cross paths with a young couple, Kate and Neil. The intersection of the Gods and the mortals threatens not only the couple's budding relationship, but the future of everything else. Kate will be played by Alicia Silverstone and Neil by Ebon Moss-Bachrach. The gods are: Aphrodite -- Sharon Stone, Apollo -- Oliver Platt, Artemis -- Edie Falco, Demeter -- Phylicia Rashad, Dionysus -- Nelsan Ellis, Eros -- Gideon Glick, Hades -- John Turturro, Hermes -- Henry Zebrowski, Persephone -- Rosie Perez and Zeus -- Christopher Walken.

Finally, someone's making the kind of film we've all been asking for: the kind that's nearly indecipherable from a depressing reality show from five years in our future! Feel free to use that on the poster.

Christopher Walken Will Play Zeus in Modern Day Comedy Gods Behaving Badly [Movieline]

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