Justin Lin Might Not Make You Another Terminator Movie After All

September 21, 2011


Look, Justin Lin would love to make you a movie involving a deadly learning computer whose aged skin now hangs loose from being stretched with barbarian-like muscle, but if you jerk-offs are going to dick around about giving him a script for said movie, just forget it; he'll make another Fast/Furious film instead. Such is the sentiment exposed in this Deadline story, which explains that the snail's pace at which the Megan Ellison-produced Terminator is moving has caused Fast Five director to, at least temporarily, drop out of the project so that he may deliver unto us yet another film about Vin Diesel driving cars. If Ellison can wait, Lin may still return to still direct the film after Fast Six, but she may want to move on without him if she's hoping to turn Terminator back into a viable franchise, as the rights to skeletal androids revert back to James Cameron in 2018. Plus, Arnold's chest becomes less pectoral, more bosom every day, so probably a good idea to get started before his glowing android eye evokes a post-surgical cataract pity.

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