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Ben Affleck Maybe Doing 'The Stand' and a Whitey Bulger Movie with Matt Damon


Clearly threatened by Matt Damon's promise to go off and be a director with some other Massachusetts-raised guy, Ben Affleck has already taken steps to reassert himself as both our preeminent Damon-collaborator and the dominant directorial force of that coupling.

Speaking to GQ (via), Damon revealed that he and Affleck are working with Warner Bros. to do a biopic on Whitey Bulger, the recently-arrested mobster that served as the basis for Damon co-star Jack Nicholson's part in The Departed. Damon will reportedly star as Bulger, while Affleck will direct, boldly asserting, "Look, Damon, if you get to be the awesome spy guy, I get to be the one people think of as a surprisingly effective director, OK?"

Also supporting that argument: yet another Warner Bros. directing project for Affleck. According to Deadline, the studio wants Affleck to head their plan to turn Stephen King's The Stand into a movie or three. That project was once being set up as a rival to NBC-Universal's plans to adapt The Dark Tower into a film trilogy and limited-run TV series, because what better to fight a really long, post-apocalyptic Stephen King adaptation than another? Plans for the Dark Tower adaptation were recently dropped once director Ron Howard gave a price tag for all those towers, but according to producer Brian Glazer, it's still "gonna get made." We may yet get two really long, post-apocalyptic Stephen King adaptations! But where is our Alvin and the Chipmunks-style Cujo?

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