New Nora Ephron Film To Indulge Sad Fantasy Involving 'Pride and Prejudice'

October 11, 2011


With Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Pride and Predator already in the works, one may reasonably think we have more enough ludicrous, high-concept variations on Pride and Prejudice in development at this time. Romantic-comedy mainstay Nora Ephron, however, is not of such a mind. As someone who has staged unlikely romances for Meg Ryan on multiple occasions, she clearly believes a classic relationship tale can be told new with an updated conceit--like AOL emails, for example--and as such, she's decided she'll add a third ridiculous Pride and Prejudice to our pile. While the aforementioned adaptations went for the ol' "add a horror/sci-fi movie monster" trick, Ephron will reportedly take more of a Last Action Hero approach. Taking the plot and title from the ITV miniseries Lost in Austen, her film will see a modern day girl sent into the world of Pride and Prejudice through a special hole in her bathroom--a portal of no return that reminds me quite a bit of the special hole in my bathroom in which I deposit Nora Ephron films and poops. Expect Amy Adams to delight.

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