Steve Jobs Already Getting Movie, Surprisingly Won't Be Made in China

October 10, 2011


The death of Steve Jobs has brought his level of cult-like admiration to levels previously only seen when he'd reveal a new telephone robot, and Sony Pictures isn't about to let that popularity wither away before they can make some money off it. Apparently over the bitterness of their Discman being rendered obsolete by Jobs' miniature music box, Sony has bought the iMovie rights to Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs, the upcoming authorized biography on the turtleneck-loving Apple co-founder. No writer, director, or lead has yet been revealed, but considering Noah Wyle already played Jobs in Pirates Of Silicon Valley, no, Noah Wyle will totally not be playing Jobs again. Noah Wyle is now a fully-holographic actor that exists only within the offices of TNT. I'm sorry, Noah, but it's time you knew.

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