Tom Cruise May Star in Liman's 'All You Need Is Kill,' Which Isn't Called That Anymore

October 10, 2011


Hidden within a longer article that basically argues that Tom Cruise will continue to be a star whether anyone likes it or not: news that Cruise may be starring in another big budget tentpole, whether anyone likes it or not. This time the film is All You Need Is Kill, a sci-fi epic that made the 2010 Black List of best unproduced screenplays. In the story, a soldier of the future dies on the battlefield and suddenly awakens the previous morning, apparently stuck in a time loop in which he repeatedly dies but continues to develop his skills in the hopes of eventual survival, thus making this the most accurate video game adaptation ever despite being based on a Japanese novel. Doug Liman is attached to direct, though he's also attached to direct the story of Mallory's climb on Everest, and it's still unclear which will come first. Also, the title of All You Need Is Kill is no longer All You Need Is Kill. Now Warner Bros. is reportedly calling the film We Mortals Are, thus saving them from any potential lawsuits from nutcases who try to subsist on kill alone and find it unsatisfactory to sustain life. Those people will find that they also need sandwiches.


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