Oh, a Woody Woodpecker Movie Now

November 17, 2011


Driven by mankind's innate desire to see old cartoon characters brought into the real world through CGI and celebrity voices, Illumination Entertainment is developing a feature film based around animated, troublemaking, avian instigator Woody Woodpecker. Though no specific direction has been charted for the film, Blades of Glory co-writers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky are said to be working on a story to "modernize" the character--so no more World War II propaganda, Woody. Judging by other recent, similar projects, it's also a pretty safe bet that the story will somehow involve a computer-generated Woody ruining the life of a frustrated, C-list male star who's just happy to be off a sitcom stage.

Illumination parent company Universal has owned the rights to the character and library of shorts since 1985, and has been quietly sitting on them, denying us a Woody Woodpecker movie for the last quarter century. Only now has technology caught up to their vision of PeckYourself.com being able to add a cartoon beak to your face in realtime.

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