'Fantastic Four' Reboot Almost Has Director

January 16, 2012


With a deal that clearly and sassily spells out a "use it or lose it, girl" clause on the rights to several Marvel properties, 20th Century Fox must continue the Sisyphean task of perpetually making X-Men, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four movies forever, lest the rights revert back to Marvel, who would just love that. So, with the X-Men franchise already forward with a new, young cast that's helped everyone forget about X-Men 3, Fox is now turning its attention towards restarting Fantastic Four with a new, young cast that will help everyone forget about Fantastic Four 2.

Last we heard, the studio had hired Akiva Goldsman to produce the relaunch--presumably to lend the production the same credibility and pronounced areolas he gave Batman Forever and Batman & Robin--but now Fox is reportedly moving in a different direction. Goldsmith is off the production, and it seems Josh Trank is in line to get the director's job pending the presumed success of his upcoming low budget, found footage-style superhero movie, Chronicle. So assuming everyone still likes cheap-looking handheld stuff as much as they did a couple weekends ago, when The Devil Inside made a few easy bucks with a camcorder and a contortionist, expect an official offer to go out to Trank in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here's the trailer for Trank's superhero-themed Paranormal Activity (aka Chronicle), so you can begin pondering what this guy would do with a budget big enough to fashion an orange, prosthetic rock costume.

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