'Jersey Boys' Will Be a Jukebox Movie, and It Will Be Written by John Logan

January 11, 2012


Jersey Boys, the Broadway hit that absolutely made Mom's visit to New York with its presentation of familiar songs in a showier context, is now going to be a feature film, and John Logan is going to write it.

GK Films is producing the adaptation of the jukebox musical, which plots the rise and fall of the Four Seasons, presumably ending with the nation's grandmas gathering to swoon over Frankie Valli's imminent arrival at their local casino. The selection of Logan to write is sort of a no-brainer: he's shown talent with broadway musicals in hisSweeney Todd adaptation, and this has been a particularly huge year for him, with his Rango and Hugo screenplays earning praise and his anticipated scripts for Lincoln and the latest Bond both going into production. Still, it's not like it matters who writes it, really. Basically writes itself. "Wait a minute, fellow Season, did you just command me to walk faster, and in a more manly fashion? I think I have an idea for an incredibly shrill song..."

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