Joe Carnahan Remaking 'Death Wish' for You

January 30, 2012


Charles Bronson made Death Wish films intermittently for a full twenty years, making the 1994 sequel Death Wish V: The Face of Death his final feature film role before his death in 2003. So, in honor of the late, great Charles Bronson's repeated contributions to vigilante justice, we're going to go ahead and let the guy who remade A-Team do a new Death Wish with an all new actor out there shooting every hoodlum and Jeff Goldblum he can find.

The L.A. Times reports Joe Carnahan--who this weekend pleased some executives thanks to the success of his Liam Neeson V. Wolves--has been hired by MGM to write and direct a remake of 1974's Death Wish, the classic that starred Charles Bronson as a man who, driven to the edge by the respective rape and murder of his daughter and wife, goes around shooting criminals until a New York cop asks him to please go to some other city if he's going to keep shooting guys.

Back in 2007, Sylvester Stalone was in line to play our new Bronson, but his too-visible veins are no longer clinging to the project, so Carnahan will probably just get Liam Neeson or someone to do it. After all, Nicolas Cage has already found vigilante justice this year, right?

(Thanks for the reminder, Mike P.)

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