Stallone and Schwarzenegger Might Team Up Again Already

January 12, 2012


Neither possessing the talent to live out their active sixties in a smooth rock cover band, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger may once again be teaming up to grunt at each other in a big dumb action movie. The two--who sadly only realized twenty years too late that they belong bandoliered together in a single, sweaty union--will later this year shoot at things, their guns at last firing in unison, in The Expendables 2, but already there's talk of another Stallone/Schwarzenegger supergrouping. With news of Mikael Håfström taking over directing duties on The Tomb (the film in which Stallone will star as a framed man forced to escape a prison--OF HIS OWN INESCAPABLE DESIGN!) has come word that Schwarzenegger too has been approached to lend his ever-Austrian voice to the production. Arnold had previously considered the lead role now inhabited by Sly, so it's unclear how a lesser part will suddenly make the film a more appealing project to him, but perhaps the promise of another reunion of Planet Hollywood investors will yet be enough to encourage the Governator to re-merge with Stallone, forming a wildly-profitable tumor of muscle and vein that no one can resist.

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