Brian De Palma, Jason Statham Remaking 'Heat' but Thankfully Not That 'Heat'

February 8, 2012


Not content to see his words forever escape only from beneath the mustache of Burt Reynolds, author and screenwriter William Goldman is re-adapting his novel Heat (not the Michael Mann movie) a second time, into a remake that will this time star Jason Statham, just as Tough Guy God intended.

Heat's first pass at theaters came in 1987, when Dick Richards and Jerry Jameson directed Burt Reynolds in the role of an ex-mercenary who comes to make a living offering protective services in the Las Vegas gambling world. That film opened in 11th place and made less than $3 million over it's entire run, but that is probably only because it should have been a 2013 Jason Statham film, with Jason Statham in his Jason Statham standard issue suit (no tie, thanks), walking around being all bald and tough and English. So now mistakes will be corrected, and Jason Statham will star as the lead in this remake, which, as I said, is being written again by author/original writer William Goldman. The film will be directed by Brian De Palma, who hasn't shot a film since 2007 but probably shouldn't worry too much about being rusty. Just point the gun where you want Statham to look and he'll grimace the rest.

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