David Lynch Coffee Ad Plays Pretty Much as Bizarrely Dread-Inducing as You'd Guess

February 3, 2012


If there's one thing David Lynch likes in his mouth more than still-warm panties, it's still-warm coffee. For about a year, the director has been selling his own line of coffee, and just last month he wrote a piece for Huffington Post detailing his long-standing obsession over the drink. Now, there's a Lynch-directed commercial for his David Lynch Signature Cup Organic coffee, and, predictably, it eschews the heartfelt reunions and catchy jingles that dominate the coffee advertising landscape. After all, who's to say you can't sell a cup of joe with morose borderline self-parody brewed in disquieting psychosexual nightmares? Not Dave Lynch, that's for sure:

Yes, David Lynch, that is exactly what I want to wake up to every morning. Folgers is going to kick themselves for not thinking of this campaign first.


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