Here's How Jaden Smith Looks in M. Night Shyamalan Casuals Collection

February 15, 2012


As you read this, M. Night Shyamalan is out there wheeling his dwindling, moribund filmmaking skills, hoping they can get one more movie eked out before fading away to come back as Bruce Willis or something. He's currently in Costa Rica shooting After Earth, a sci-fi film that, like reality, casts Jaden Smith in the role of son to Will Smith, but in the future. How will you know it's the future, and not our current reign of Smith? Because the Smith family will be wearing futuristic outfits--with arbitrary straps, and noodly parts, and several nipples!--as seen above in the first photo of Karate Kid in his costume. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen how he looks with Will looming behind, asking if this scene couldn't maybe use an upbeat pop song from an up-and-coming 11-year-old.


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