'Iron Sky' Trailer: We're Fighting Nazis Again, But Now They're from the Moon

February 8, 2012


With Osama bin Laden yesterday rising again as zombie, today it's the Nazis turn to once again fill the role of stock historical villain with a forced, low-budget genre twist. In Iron Sky, Nazis return to wage war with the world, but--ut oh, history!--they're from the moon this time, and Udo Kier is one of these space Nazis, because it would be impossible for him not to be. Mankind's survival now is in the hands of a Sarah Palin parody and a sort of Will Smith caricature who is quite certain y'all must be trippin'. Where is John Rhys-Davies when his people need him most?

So... this is Mars Attacks by way of Uwe Boll's brain in a glass jar rested atop Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow's Kerry Conran? What a novel distraction on the road to Adolf Dracula.

(Thanks, Stephen McClymont!)

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