'Jackie Brown' Almost-Prequel Casts John Hawkes, Former Mos Def as De Niro and Sam Jackson

February 2, 2012


Louis Gara and Ordell Robbie, the characters played respectively by Robert De Niro and Samuel L. Jackson in Jackie Brown, are soon to be reissued as newer, sleeker models to be portrayed by John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey (the rapper-turned-actor formerly called Mos Def, until he told us to stop calling him that). Hawkes and Bey have reportedly committed to star in Dan Schechter's adaptation of Elmore Leonard's 1978 The Switch.

Unlike the wacky cum mix-'em-up comedy of last year, this Switch focuses on a botched kidnapping-ransom job by a duo of career criminals--Gara and Robbie, the Wilder/Pryor of the Leonard-verse, and the same characters that 15 years later appear in Leonard's Rum Punch, the novel Jackie Brown was based on. Are you getting why this is a bit of a prequel but not exactly? Alright, good. Leonard, rarely entirely all that hesitant about adapting his novels, has already approved of Schechter's script, and now joins the film as a producer. Production is expected to start in May. Yasiin, start working on your terrible little braided goatee; Hawkes, start working on a way to communicate why you eventually acquire Quentin Tarantino's foot fetish:

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