Netflix News: 'The Artist' and Other Weinstein Titles Soon; Netflix Didn't Take 'The Bodyguard' Off Streaming To Make You Buy It, Okay?

February 21, 2012


If your idea for finally seeing critically-adored Oscar favorite The Artist has been the usual, "I will wait however long it takes to come to Netflix, because I am apathetic and, more importantly, unwilling to put on real pants," your strategy is going to be paying off sooner than you might have thought.

Also, Netflix would ask that you please stop accusing them of taking The Bodyguard down because of Whitney Houston's death. Blame a merciless God and rights management.

Firstly, Netflix and The Weinstein Company today announced a new, multi-year arrangement that will bring TWC's foreign films, documentaries, and "certain other movies" exclusively to Netflix's streaming video subscribers. The deal means that The Artist--as well as the French films Sarah's Key and The Intouchables, Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus, and Best Documentary Feature nominee Undefeated--will be coming to Netflix before heading to your rich friend's TV with the premium cable package. Madonna's W.E. will be tossed on there, too. If you're curious why we aren't yet handing the Batman franchise over to her, W.E. will provide those answers.

Secondly, a story originated by Google Plus Week host Dan McDermott has been going around that claims Netflix pulled The Bodyguard from their streaming lineup following star Whitney Houston's untimely death. As originally run, the article claimed The Bodyguard's production company yanked the streaming rights as a way to drive up DVD sales to a mourning nation desperate to remember Houston as she fictionally was, with Kevin Costner, instead of how she actually was, with Bobby Brown. This is not true.

Though Netflix reps originally confirmed the story, they have since denied it--and rightly so. Further investigation by McDermott has found evidence that the film hasn't been streaming since the first of the year, thus ending that conspiracy theory. Sometimes movies just coincidentally get taken down shortly before someone dies, guys, and that's that way it is. Or at least the way it will be until Netflix spins off RIPster, the $7.99-a-month destination for all your favorite films from the recently-deceased.

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