'Veep' Trailer: Let Julia Louis-Dreyfus Be Your Foul-Mouthed Vice President

February 27, 2012


Well, HBO has another show we're going to have to watch. From Armando Iannucci--the only guy capable of beating Aaron Sorkin in the whip-smart political dialogue 100m--comes Veep, a U.S. off-shoot of the BBC government satire The Thick of It and its prior spin-off, the vastly-underwatched In the Loop. The series stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a newly-elected Vice President working alongside a cast that includes Arrested Development's Tony Hale, Upright Citizens Brigade and Dog Bites Man's Matt Walsh, and My Girl's Anna Chlumsky. To recap: that's three stars of pretty great TV comedies, plus My Girl. If you aren't at least somewhat interested in this, you are wrong, or you saw My Girl 2.

(Thanks, Jimd.)

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