Yes, Jennifer Aniston Will Play Prominent Role in Both 'The Switch' and 'Switch'

February 16, 2012


Because getting your mom to rent the wrong movie has always been the brass ring Hollywood has grabbed as, Jennifer Aniston has been added to the cast of Switch, which is a different movie than Aniston's 2010 cum-switcheroo comedy The Switch.

In this film, based on the Elmore Leonard novel The Switch (yes, "The Switch," like the sperm farce), Aniston will play the wife to a rich real estate developer--who it's just been announced will be played by Dennis Quaid. She gets kidnapped by John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey--playing the same criminals De Niro and Samuel L. Jackson played in Jackie Brown--and held for ransom, but when it turns out Quaid doesn't want his wife back, Aniston and her captors team up to extort the husband for all he's worth. Here we go again! (I'm not sure that actually applies.)

You'd be forgiven for confusing the film with the 1986 Judge Reinhold comedy Ruthless People, which followed an extremely similar tale of a criminal duo's spousal kidnapping gone wrong, but that black comedy came nearly a decade after Leonard's novel. And let's be honest, if you're going to confuse this movie with anything, you're going to confuse it with Aniston's prior jism laugh-em-up. "Why isn't Jason Bateman replacing Patrick Wilson's sperm with his own inferior seed!? What is going on here!?" Mom, you rented the wrong movie again! This film doesn't involve semen confusion!

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