'Rise of the Guardians' Trailer Is Not the CGI Owl Thing

March 29, 2012


Warner Bros. made another one of those CGI owl movies? No! But I thought that at first, too. It turns out this is a different CGI movie that is also something about Guardians. This time, DreamWorks is behind it, and these so-called "Guardians" are not CGI owls but CGI whatever you'd call Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Sandman. CGI mythical pedo-benefactors? Something like that. Anyway, those four--led by Santa, appearing here as Nicholas St. North, a man covered in prison tattoos and voiced by Alec Baldwin's loose attempt at a Russian accent--all team up to face off against the Jude Law-voiced Pitch, who hopes to cover the world in darkness. It's sort of like The Avengers, but not with superheroes. With mythical pedo-benefactors.

You can hear in his voice how excited Hugh Jackman is that the studio went with his idea: "Hey, what if the Easter Bunny is Australian!? Like me, Hugh Jackman!"

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