'Touchback' Trailer: Finally, an Inspirational High School Sports Movie with Time Travel

March 1, 2012


Ever wish you could go back and do it all again and relive your high school glory days on the football field, with Kurt Russell? Ever wish 17 Again were a histrionic sports film put together like a made-for-TV Hallmark movie, with a moral message so heavy-handed that Christine Lahti literally explains it to the audience by the trailer's halfway point? Then you're going to like this quite a bit.

Now, is this like Quantum Leap, where we see Football Player as an adult but others see him as a high schooler, or are we meant to ignore that this actor is clearly in his mid-30s? Because the flashback clip at the beginning sort of has me worried it's the latter.

Well, anyway, no matter how this guy's spinal column fairs second time around, at least now he has another twenty years on his mortgage.

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