Your Favorite Superhero Soon Coming to Screens, Muppets, and More...

March 1, 2012


- Confident that their Amazing Spider-Man will be a hit, Sony is jumping more than a few rungs on the obscurity ladder to do a film adaptation of the Valiant Comics series Bloodshot, about a superhero man who is injected with nanites and named Bloodshot.

- You can't just toss a volleyball into a crowd of shirtless dudes and expect them to know what to do, so The Town writer Peter Craig will write Top Gun 2 a script.

- A Muppets sequel is in development, but Jason Segel won't be writing it. He'll be so busy with other scripts, promotional duties, and How I Met Your Motherhood that scripting duties have been handed over to Muppets co-writer Nicholas Stoller and director James Bobin. Since Muppets already did the "space" chapter, assumedly this next film will take place "in Da Hood."

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