Adam McKay Might Direct Will Smith and Denzel Washington's 'Uptown Saturday Night' Remake

April 27, 2012


In a departure from his usual routine of telling Will Ferrell to take it from the top, even dimmer this time, Adam McKay may direct Will Smith and Denzel Washington in Warner Bros.' planned remake of Uptown Saturday Night. But don't worry, it would be after Anchorman 2. We'll still get our Anchorman 2.

Assuming This Means War writer Tim Dowling's script has not deviated too far from the original film, which starred Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier in the lead roles, the remake would see Smith and Washington robbed of a wallet containing what ends up being a winning lottery ticket; their hunt to retrieve the ticket sends them on a wild journey through a criminal underworld full of celebrity appearances, to which McKay could obviously contribute his experience with cameo-filled gang warfare. Harry Belafonte, Flip Wilson, and Richard Pryor were among the notable co-stars of the 1974 version, but if McKay does sign on, one could guess this take might skew less toward calypso, more toward, oh, hi, John C. Reilly. And maybe Sam Jackson? He was in The Other Guys, after all. McKay has at least that black friend. Hopefully Will Smith knows some people.

Also, it should be noted, though Smith's Overbrook Entertainment is developing the property, the studio still only "hopes" Smith and Washington will star, so it's still entirely possible the remake won't happen with those two. If that ends up being the case, I say we just go ahead and make this Step Brothers 2, okay?

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