'Dark Knight Rises' Has Over an Hour of IMAX, Final Trailer Coming with 'Avengers'

April 23, 2012


May 4th will truly be a landmark day in the field of adults make-believing they're superheroes: It turns out the day will see not just The Avengers release but a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

NolanFans caught the news on the Warner Bros. exhibitor site, where it was publicly posted that prints of Marvel's The Avengers will come with WB's final Dark Knight Rises trailer attached as a sort of nerdy, teasing foreplay before the big event. (Only "sort of nerdy" foreplay because truly nerdy foreplay involves using the heightened emotions of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home to get to second base. Try it.)

Warner clearly hopes the "if you enjoy people in ludicrous costumes, you may also like..." advertising approach will bring in audiences, but they're also hoping that those audiences will pay more to watch Christopher Nolan's trilogy-closer on a bigger, price-gouging screens. According to the Wall Street Journal (via), the studio let Nolan shoot over an hour of the film in the pricey format, giving the sequel the most IMAX footage yet for a Hollywood feature. The movie is going to ensconce you in Batman, like a giant eyeball hug from a growling Christian Bale. Expect that description to be in the new trailer.

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