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Still Another Super-Intense 'Prometheus' Trailer


There have been a lot of Prometheus trailers. Enough that the hysterical screams to "CUT IT OFF" and "GET IT OFF" have now taken on the comforting familiarity of a panicked, screamed lullaby. Still, there is yet another trailer, and for better or worse, this one reveals the most footage yet: More plot. More Charlize Theron sternness. More awful alien cobra creature. More oh shit, bro, it turns out your protective mask is absolutely worthless and is now melting apart like filthy saran wrap placed too-early over a freshly-baked face pie. IT IS INTENSE.

  • March 21, 2012
    Here are a couple more Prometheus trailers, these offering some of the most revealing, compelling shots yet. Like the last trailer, they are super intense, and if you are functional, they will probably leave you really wanting to see Prometheus. They might also leave you wishin... / Continue →
  • March 19, 2012
    The latest Prometheus trailer's audio track alone is enough to send anxious minds into a panic attack: the pounding soundtrack giving way to dissonant wailing; the cast's ominous tone devolving to anguished, terrified screaming; is Idris Elba drifting in and out of a Southern a... / Continue →
  • December 22, 2011
    Back when Ridley Scott was tossing around the idea of Prometheus, long before it was going by such a demigodly title, the idea was for the film to be a prequel to Alien, finally explaining why there's that so-called "space jockey" character reclining in a weird chair in the fir... / Continue →
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