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Tom Hanks Playing Walt Disney, America Pleasantly Smiles


Though the internet hoped it would be Ryan Gosling to lose all his arm mass and play Walt Disney, it seems it will instead be Tom Hanks playing the animator in an upcoming film. Our mothers prefer it that way.

Deadline reports Hanks is in talks to play Disney in Saving Mr. Banks, a film that would return the actor to his lauded past-time of rescuing a titular character. The Kelly Marcel script follows Disney's 14-year attempt to convince Australian author P. L. Travers to allow him to turn Mary Poppins into the landmark film that would see Dick Van Dyke forever redefine the cockney accent. Travers is expected to be played by Emma Thompson, whom our mothers also enjoy quite a bit.

While the combination of Walt Disney, Hanks, Mary Poppins, and Emma Thompson already sounds like a heavily-saccharine-laced cocktail, Disney isn't taking any chances that it won't be. To ensure Saving Mr. Banks ends up a pleasant, uplifting experience that will make Golden Globes voters beam, they've hired on director John Lee Hancock, whose last work was the aggressively heartwarming Sandra Bullock drama The Blind Side. His heavy hand should be helpful in smoothing out what was reportedly a contentious relationship between Travers and Disney--a relationship that, in reality, ended with the author refusing to sell her other works because she so hated Mary Poppins' lavish animated sequences. That may be what really happened, but won't Mom like it more when Emma Thompson's response to Poppins is deliberate, teary-eyed clapping, followed by a muttered, "Bravo, Mr. Disney. Supercalifragilisticexpiali-bravo..."?

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