'Argo' Trailer: Affleck Saves Hostages, Looks Like a Black Market Stereo Salesman

May 8, 2012


Directed by and starring Ben Affleck, looking as much like a remorseless date rapist as he has since Extract, Argo dramatizes the true story of the "Canadian Caper," when six U.S. diplomats caught in the Iran hostage crisis were smuggled out under the guise of being crew for a phony sci-fi film devised by the CIA's Ben Affleck character. Gotcha, Iran! USA rules (at extremely crazy, convoluted escape plans)! Here's the first trailer, which seems to mix political thrills, bumbling government work, and a greying-leading-man-turned-director in a way that comes across as distinctly Clooney-esque (Cloonean?). Don't worry: Clooney produced this goddammer, so it's fair use.

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