Brad Bird Will Direct '1952', Which You Are Not To Know Anything About

May 3, 2012


Disney has reportedly attached Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird is to direct 1952, a script from Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof. And that is pretty much all you get to know about that, because Lindelof and Abrams and all their Lost boys just love whispering their little codes and secrets, and you are not invited, so don't even try to sit by them. According to Deadline, the film is a closely-guarded secret, with the studio only revealing that it's a large-scale tent pole (surprise!) with "multi-platform aspirations," so also look forward to 1952: The Ride/The Game/The Sandwich and whatever. Also, the 1952 thing might just be a working title or code name, so there's probably no point in trying to figure out what it could be in reference to. No point to any of this, really. Let's go back to bed.

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