'Clifford the Big Red Dog' Becoming Big Dumb Movie

May 9, 2012


The company behind The Lorax has decided it's time to make a Clifford without the involvement of a juvenile Martin Short.

As foretold by The Hollywood Reporter, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Entertainment are teaming to put together a feature-length adaptation of children's book series-turned PBS cartoon Clifford the Big Red Dog. Bedtime Stories writer Matt Lopez has been hired to plot out when and what Clifford will crush, and the plan is to mix sheepish, live-action actors and massive, talking CGI dog into a vermilion pap ideal for those looking for a new flavor of Marmaduke. As the THR story notes, "The character is a big brand in the children's world, representing friendship and a role model," but we'll see how much of a role model he remains once the film comes around to heavily imply just how hilariously big and stinky CGI Clifford's turds are.

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