'One Shot' Retitled To Reflect Tom Cruise's Character Name

May 29, 2012


In a film coming this Christmas, Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher, an imposing, 6'5", 250-pound ex-military cop created by author Lee Child. Some fans of the longrunning character have accurately noted that Tom Cruise does not seem like much of a Jack Reacher, but now it's going to be harder than ever to deny that--sorry--he is indeed your Jack Reacher.

THR reports the upcoming Cruise film--previously titled One Shot (after a Reacher book)--is now confirmed to be called Jack Reacher, to better reflect that that's who Tom Cruise is, no matter how complete-opposite-of-imposing he may be.

The change isn't entirely surprising: this April at CinemaCon, Cruise reportedly spoke not of "One Shot" but of doing "Reacher," so it makes sense Paramount would switch things up to cover up the "reacher" Cruise was actually talking about doing.

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