'Shadow of the Colossus', 'Need for Speed' Probably Have Directors

May 24, 2012


Still no sign of auteur Uwe Boll as DreamWorks and Sony line up directors for their respective video game properties.

Chronicle director Josh Trank, who previously had been loosely attached to rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise, will now be guiding the actions of different giant rock creatures. He's signed with Sony to direct their adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus, the video game about riding around on a horse and carefully murdering a bunch of oddly-beautiful, massive stony monsters just waiting for you to stab a sword into their moss-covered heads. Trank is sort of an odd choice for the job, considering Shadow is known for its lush, gorgeous vistas and expressive lighting, while Chronicle is famous for being shot really cheaply on camcorders, but the director reportedly sought out the job--and hey, it's a more interesting choice than indiscernible-CGI-giant maestro Michael Bay, so might as well give Trank a shot. Someone just make sure he watches Where the Wild Things Are before he starts.

Meanwhile, over at DreamWorks, they're apparently in talks with Scott Waugh to direct their desperate Fast/Furious rip-off adaptation of racing game Need for Speed. Waugh was a co-director on Act of Valor, which already basically looked like a military video game, so assuming he's able to swap discs in the XBOX of his mind, this shouldn't be such a big change for him.

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